Why Choose Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics?

As a parent, you have numerous local dance and gymnastics facilities to choose from. There are many reasons why Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics the best choice for your family.

    Why Choose Dublin Dance
  • Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics has a place for everyone. Our programming offers a spectrum of options appropriate for the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents, and for those just starting to those who study intensively.
  • Why Choose Dublin Dance
  • Most importantly, each student, regardless of level, is equally important at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. We understand very few students will work as professionals in the dance world but believe there are life-long skills learned in the dance studio.
  • Why Choose Dublin Dance
  • We have exceptional programming for students who have the desire to dance in college or as a professional, and exceptional programming for students who love movement as a hobby and/or fitness outlet.
  • Why Choose Dublin Dance
  • Our approach to movement education is for the whole individual. Dance is an art form- expressed with heart and soul. There is more to dance than technique; the technique is a tool for teaching confidence through success. Assurance in one’s own body is vitally important- from walking the halls in middle school to giving a business presentation.
  • Why Choose Dublin Dance
  • Our professional faculty understands the depth of influence they have on their students. Our instructors have chosen to teach and share the vast amount of passion and knowledge they possess. Each teacher knows the power of experience they bring to the classroom can only be shared with an understanding and respect for each student.
Moving in the best interest of childern

What to Expect

From the moment you first walk into Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics, you will feel the richness of the community. DDC&G is a family-centered operation with a dedication to every student. Our office staff will guide you through a variety of options to best meet your family’s needs- from choosing a class through the details of your first performance.

The teachers will welcome you into the classroom ensuring a valuable experience as they expertly reveal their knowledge. Every student and parent is treated with respect and dignity; parents and students are free to ask questions and make suggestions. Communication is open and honest; teachers reach out to parents as needed and conclude the year with a written evaluation of each student’s growth and progress.

The year-end performances are an exceptional display of talent and production. Appropriate for the age group, each class is invited to perform in a themed production going beyond a traditional ‘recital’. Mini-Shows for young students are concise and mindful of young students’ needs. Our full-length productions (for K-Adult classes) offer students and parents a chance to be a part of a truly professional production and offer the audience an entertaining presentation of their students’ progress and success on stage.