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Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics
2665 Farmers Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Phone: 614-761-2882.
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Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics offers classes for beginners through pre-professional students; 2 ½ years old through adults! Each class is designed for the age of the students, and their level of experience in the art-form. DDC&G offers each art-form in a non-competitive atmosphere where every student is celebrated!


Toddler Time (Walkers -3 years)

Toddler Time is a fun weekly class that allows parent and toddler to safely explore movement! During this class, music, story time and parachute games are intermixed with free time and a circuit course for your child's large motor development and socialization skills. This class uses gymnastics equipment so toddlers can climb, hang, and balance with the aid of their parent.

Preschool Movement (2 1/2 -5 years)

This program was specially developed as a supplement to the student’s pre-school education. The highly developed curriculum is based on studies proving the benefits of movement for young student’s language acquisition, physical development, and creative problem-solving. This 2 ½ hour morning or afternoon offers 2 ½, 3, 4 and 5 year-old’s a joyful way to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Story-time, crafts and other stimulus divide the directed movement time.

Drawing from our Creative Movement Program, developed and refined over the past 24 years, Extended Movement offers children:

  • A Form of Self-Expression
  • Develops Storytelling Skills
  • Enhances Music and Art Interpretation
  • Improves Muscle Development
  • Develops Problem Solving Skills
  • Increases Body Awareness and Self Control
  • A Form of Communication
  • Enhances a Positive Self-Esteem
  • Enhances Social and Emotional Development
Creative Dance & Gymnastics -View A Class Here
For Preschool & Kindergarten


Creative Dance, Creative Gymnastics, Extended Movement

Creative Ballet (Ages 3&4)

Creative Dance classes are the most rewarding and educationally stimulating classes for young students. DDC&G teachers are trained to use the creative teaching philosophy; children are encouraged through verbal imagery, the use of props, and age-appropriate themes

Teachers use creative tools to reach and engage their students in learning the basics of the art form. The safe and supportive classroom environment allows children to learn early social skills, to cultivate their imagination and develop cognitive thinking routines. The physical activity throughout every class promotes a healthy lifestyle and builds confidence and strength in young bodies. Creative Dance classes are based on ballet technique that is suitable for young, developing muscles and minds. Basic terminology and steps are presented and incorporated into creative choreography.

Creative Gymnastics (Age 3-K)

Each of these classes includes a full body warm-up appropriate for the age group and their physical maturity. Basic floor gymnastics such as rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and more are taught. Loco motor skills and basic leaps, jumps and turns are practiced. Creative Dance is incorporated so students may explore basic elements of dance through personal imagination and individual expression. Creative Gymnastics classes safely integrate basic floor, tramp, vault, and bar skills for young children.

Creative Ballet & Gymnastics

The best of both! This stimulating class takes place in the gym. Teachers present basic ballet terminology and steps and incorporate creative choreography. Basic floor gymnastics such as rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels and more are taught. Leaps, jumps and turns are practiced. Teachers use creative tools to reach and engage their students in learning the basics of each art form. The safe and supportive classroom environment allows children to cultivate their imagination and develop cognitive thinking routines while developing strength and coordination.

Creative Ballet, Creative Ballet & Tap, Creative Hip-Hop/Jazz

Creative Ballet & Tap (Ages 5/K-2nd)

This class exposes children to more than one art form. Ballet fundamentals encourage movement detail, control and discipline. Creative Dance allows guided individual movement expression. Tap fundamentals emphasizes rhythmic skills and weight transferring skills. This class offers the young student a good variety of dance styles in which each style aids the other. (For 5's / 1st / 2nd) Please see Ballet and Tap for more details.


Creative Ballet & Hip-Hop

This dynamic class combines the fundamentals of ballet and hip-hop. Teachers present basic ballet terminology and steps and incorporate creative choreography. Children participate in creative games and practice combinations that develop the child's rhythmic knowledge, physical coordination and mental stimulus. From the control and structure of ballet to the energetic rhythm of hip-hop, children can explore a variety of movements and art forms.

Creative Hip-Hop/Jazz (Ages 4-K)

This class is geared to the younger student and is taught through a creative process. Creative Dance, fundamentals of Modern Dance concepts, plus basic Jazz and Hip Hop Dance skills are introduced. Creative Hip Hop/Jazz is fun, energetic, and age appropriate. Creative games and practice combinations develop the child's rhythmic knowledge, physical coordination and mental stimulus.


Ballet, Tap, Irish Dance

Ballet (1st/2nd Grades)

Ballet experts everywhere in the world agree that children under eight years old should not do pure ballet technique classes for physical and psychological reasons. Creative Ballet fundamental classes combine creative movement and basic ballet moves to prepare the young student for ballet technique classes in a safe, appropriate way. An introduction to basic ballet fundamentals and simple terminology allow young children to experience enough discipline and structure to challenge them without frustration. This builds a sense of physical achievement and teaches an awareness of the art of ballet and the body.

Free Tuition for Boys in Ballet. Ages 5 years to Adults

Ballet (3rd grade-Adult)

Ballet technique classes require high levels of concentration and discipline in order to execute the movement detail properly. Each class is divided into barre work, port de bras, centre barre, adagio, and allegro. Strengthening and stretching exercises are balanced. The ballet class builds a strong foundation of coordination, discipline and appreciation of art and an expressive achievement which are great assets for any endeavor.

Free Tuition for Boys in Ballet. Ages 5 years to Adults


Gymnastics, Gymnastics/Cheerleading

Gymnastics (1st-12th grades)

Gymnastics concentrates on floor skills that develop strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. DDC&G runs a noncompetitive, recreational program including tumbling and floor exercises, beginners through advanced, learn mat skills according to individual capabilities. Jumps, leaps, and conditioning are all reinforced in gymnastics.

Gymnastics/Cheerleading (3rd- 12th grade)

Gymnastics/Cheerleading is a popular choice for young gymnasts who wish to concentrate on their Cheerleading skills. Tumblers in this class focus on leaps and jumps relevant to cheerleading. They also work on tumbling passes that most schools request from their cheerleaders. Teamwork is emphasized in this fun, noncompetitive class and taught by instructors with College and/or Professional Cheer background.

Acrobatics (3rd- 12th grade)

Acrobatics (or Acro) is about flexibility and control. This technique is a popular choice for students bridging the gap between skills in the gym and the dance studio! The class focuses on leg extensions, holds on the floor (headstands, elbow stands, and chest stands), and partnering tricks. The class will also work on gymnastics fundamentals; a majority of acrobatic tricks evolve from basic skills such as handstands and bridges.


Tap & Irish

Tap (1st grade - Adult)

The art of Tap involves the whole body. Good Tap-dancing is performed with control, speed and smoothness. Movements of the arms, legs and body are incorporated with the tap steps. In tap technique classes, the exercises and combinations directly develop a sense of coordination, body control, the rhythmic sense and detailed development of the feet.

Irish Dance (Ages 3-Adult)

The success of River dance and Lord of the Dance has placed Irish dance on the international stage. Thanks to people like Michael Flatley and others, Irish Dance is seen on television, on tour, and locally at festivals and celebrations. At DDC&G traditional steps, complete with traditional music, terminology, and respect for the rich culture of Irish Dance is explored in a non-competitive atmosphere.


Hip-Hop, Jazz & Break Dance
Hip Hop, Jazz

Hip Hop (4th grade - Adult)

Hip Hop has evolved from African dancing, street dancing traditions, tap, and jazz. At DDC&G Hip Hop is taught emphasizing jazz technique as well as popular Hip Hop moves and style. Students learn syncopated pop movements to up-beat music and incorporate performance attributes into choreography. The Hip Hop classes at DDC&G strive to be fun, energetic, and age appropriate. (See Hip Hop/Jazz).

Jazz (3rd grade - Adult)

Jazz is a dramatic experience that encourages rhythmic movements, gestures and mimicry. Music stimulates the movement, accompanies it and motivates it. High energy, exhilaration and freedom of movement are all inherent in Jazz. Techniques taught include isolations of the body, polycentric’s (coordinate 2 or more centers), movements of tension with spontaneous relaxation, loco motor actions, use of level changes and counter movements such as twisting. Jazz style is intense and charged and students are taught to fully feel and illustrate the movement.

Break Dance (5th grade - Adult)

Very popular in the 1980’s, Break Dancing has reemerged better than ever! This extreme dance-sport uses tremendous upper-body strength for tricks and poses and combines the fundamentals of Hip Hop in choreography. At DDC&G, Break is taught from the beginning stages in a safe and positive environment. Individual choreography is encouraged in the true spirit of movement. This art-form is especially suited for boys, but also great for girls!


Modern and Ministry

Dance Ministry (6th grade - Adult)

Dance Ministry is a Christian based movement class. Students in this class may perform choreography at local churches and events. (The adult session is scheduled separately, please contact the office for more information.)

Contemporary Dance (3rd grade - Adult)

Contemporary Dance builds on the technique of many art-forms including Modern and Classical Ballet. Opposed to traditional ballet, contemporary dance moves from the air to the floor allows deviation of conventional structure.

Pre-Modern (1st – 2nd grade)

Modern Dance originated as a rebellion from ballet. Where ballet is lifted and flowing, modern technique is more grounded, engaging the whole body in dramatic expression. At DDC&G, Pre-Modern is offered in order to expose dancers to different movement. Students will engage their bodies in moving large, into the ground, and using the floor

Modern Dance, Adult Dance, Yoga

Modern Dance (3rd grade - Adult)

Modern Dance originated as a rebellion from ballet. Where ballet is lifted and flowing, modern technique is more grounded, engaging the whole body in dramatic expression. At DDC&G, Modern is offered in order to expose dancers to different movement forms and encourage creativity and expression in each student’s individual style.


Yoga & Fitness


Yoga is a balance and conditioning of the body, mind, and spirit. It is an exercise that can be done by anyone at any age or level of physical condition. It builds strength, flexibility, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces psychological stress. Students provide their own sticky mat

Fitness (1st - Adult)

Fitness classes are designed to improve strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, and coordination.

Kid’s Fitness
These classes are designed to introduce the basic components of fitness. Kid’s fitness will include games to show kids how to enjoy exercise while improving their endurance, strength, and overall health. Motor skills will be developed and enhanced while they learn different sports and exercises.

Strength and Conditioning
This class provides a balance between strengthening your muscles and conditioning your body to achieve maximum fitness.

Adult Circuit Training
Stations are set up in a sequence with alternating exercise for opposing muscle groups. Circuits can be designed to meet specific needs, to enhance weight loss and overall fitness.

Adult Core Strength

The core is more than just your abdominals; it includes the glutes, lower back muscles, hips muscles, and muscles of the spine. Exercises for a strong core will improve balance and coordination.



Adult Dance

Adult Classes are a fun way to stay in shape and explore your love of movement. Everyone is welcome in these classes, with a dance background or without! Sign up today and enjoy learning to dance from some of the best instructors around! (With a few exceptions, most classes are Adult only). See surrounding descriptions for more information.


Placement & Pre-Professional Programs
Placement and Pre-Professional Classes, Intensive Ballet Program

Placement and Pre-Professional Classes

These classes are specifically designed for a select group of students at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics. Students recommended into Placement and Pre-Professional level classes have demonstrated their commitment, talent, and desire toward the art form and have chosen to study it with greater intensity. Specific eligibility into Placement and Pre-Professional levels is through teacher recommendation. New students must be assessed in order to enter the program.





Intensive Ballet Program

The Intensive Ballet training program is a high-powered stratagem designed to offer aspiring young dancers the opportunity to commence their journey towards either the professional or collegiate level. These special dancers are required to attend 9-12 hours of ballet each week. They are given numerous opportunities to showcase their craft, including 4 repertory shows in October, December, March and June. Class work typically includes; barre, center, Pointe, variations, pas de deux, and choreography. It is our desire that dancers from the Intensive Level leave with the tools necessary to succeed in any performing environment of their choosing.

Those interested in the Intensive Ballet Program must demonstrate their skill, desire, and commitment to the program. A student letter of intent and teacher recommendations begin the process. For more information, contact the DDC&G office.

Student Performance Companies

These special student groups offer dancers and gymnasts a performance outlet and preparation for college and professional company work. Student companies meet weekly for choreography and perform in annual shows as well as artist-in-the-schools programs and community events. Each program has specific class and level requirements. Youth Co is for dancers in 1st-6th grade; Ensemble is a Hip Hop/Jazz based company for 6th-12th grades; Exhibition is for placement level gymnasts; Repertory is for 6th-12th grades; Ballet Co is for Intensive Ballet students. Please call the office for more information on joining or to schedule a performance at your event.