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Ensuring health and safety to every student.


Dance and gymnastics are very physical sports as well as beautiful art forms. Consequently, dancers’ and gymnasts’ bodies are subject to the same sorts of injuries that other athletes are. Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics is committed to keeping students injury-free through teacher training in top-notch technique and injury-prevention seminars offered a few times per year. The Wellness Studio provides on-site injury checks and prevention appointments. Annika Russo, MPT, joined our faculty in the fall of 2011 as the Ballet Coordinator, and will be offering physical therapy services. Annika can see students for a variety of concerns: aches and pains during class, technique questions that don’t seem to be improving due to some physical barrier, exercise and stretching advice, injury-prevention education.


During a session Annika will ask each student for specific information about his/her complaints. A plan will be developed for at-home, self-managed exercises, stretches, or technique modification. Annika will also coordinate with each of the student’s teachers to ensure that the technique modification recommendations can be applied to class, as well. Annika will not manipulate any joints, perform massages, or any therapist-driven treatment options at this time. Annika may recommend a follow-up appointment in the Wellness Studio to be sure of proper performance of the exercises and improvement of the complaints, but she will not treat any dancer for the same injury more than three times. If pain is persisting and requires further medical attention Ms Annika can recommend a doctor and physical therapy team to treat your dancer for his/her specific needs. We are excited to partner with OSU Dance Medicine Department to be able to offer high-quality care to our inured dancers and gymnasts. To make an appointment or inquire about cost please e-mail Annika at annika@dublindance.com or stop by the office to sign up on the clipboard. You will need to sign some paperwork and pay for your appointment at that time. To learn more about Annika, read her bio here.

About our Physical Therapist:


Annika joined the faculty of Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics as a licensed Physical Therapist, former professional dancer and accomplished teacher. Annika received her MPT from MCP Hahnemann University and her BA in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University. Her dance and performance career includes national and international tours with the Rockford Dance Company where she was a Principle Dancer from 1990-1994 and a Guest Artist from 2000-2002; Annika was a scholarship winner with The School of the American Ballet, and danced with the Butler Ballet from 1994-1998. Ms. Russo has taught for the Rockford Dance Company, Butler University, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and most recently with her church: St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Her Physical Therapy professions include a focus on injury prevention and biomechanically correct movement patterns for dancers. She worked with the Rockford Dance Company in Illinois and with the Pennsylvania Ballet with this specific intent and applies the same principles toward DDC&G’s curriculum and teacher training. Annika is pleased to have opened the DDC Wellness Studio where she can work with dancers and gymnasts who have injuries to get them safely back to the studio through exercise, technique modification, and injury prevention education. This will be Annika’s fourth season with the staff at DDC&G.