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“The dancer’s body is the tool and the machine that makes possible the beauty of the movement. Without proper fuel and hydration, the body machine cannot perform at its best. The potential rehearsed through so many hours in the studio cannot be realized, and injuries are more likely without the nutrients, energy, and fluids necessary to make the body work optimally.”  » Read more

By Annika Russo

boys ballet

Walker Balances Bulk With Ballet
“FORT WORTH, April 10— Herschel Walker raised a 115-pound ballerina high overhead, strode forcefully without the slightest quiver, then leaned forward as she uncoiled gracefully across his muscular back.” – Dallas Cowboys work on movement with Fort Worth Ballet » Read more

By Thomas Hayes


It’s true-ballet dancers’ quest for clean technique and proper body placement continues all the way to the top of her head to the bun. Every hair in place. No whispies. The ballet updo epitomizes the dancer’s striving for spotless performance that can withstand any stress. If you’re tiring of the ballet bun metaphor for ballet technique, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty for updos-ballet-style… » more

By Annika Russo


You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t have some idea that dance was beneficial. In the most basic sense, we all know that dance is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, combining strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. But why is dancing a particularly great practice for boys? Aren’t these exercise advantages something he can get on the soccer field or the basketball court? » more

By Annika Russo


When I was a little girl and engrossed in Ballet, I dreamt, like most little budding ballerinas, of dancing en pointe (in point shoes). Once I got my shoes, I would be tall and graceful, and my dancing would be perfection. Or so I thought…of course, I was strong enough; of course, it was a great idea to put me en pointe immediately! … » more

Evaluating Readiness for Pointe Work at DDC&G

By Jessica Tupa


We are so excited to have you in ballet class at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics! To prepare you for class, you’ll need your black leotard and pink, footed tights and pink ballet slippers. To ensure a proper fit, please have a professional fit your ballet slippers at a dance-supply store. House slippers are very slippery and are dangerous for little ones to wear in the studi-os. Ballet slippers should not have much room to grow. They should fit the length and width of your dancer’s foot snuggly. …» more

By Annika Russo


Maybe it’s your first ballet class, or maybe you’ve taken class before. I think it is always good preparation to get yourself ready to look the part of ballerina or danseur and get yourself ready mentally for the upcoming year of training at Dublin Dance Centre and Gymnastics (DDC&G). If you are new…» more

By Annika Russo


It’s part of being an athlete – injuries. Dancers’ injuries tend to be from repetitive stressors instead of one big football hit or a wrong cut around a defender. Fortunately, repetitive injuries are easier to prevent than an acute injury through proper student, teacher, and parent participation. » more

By Annika Russo, MPT


Did you know that 3% of young women and girls suffer from Anorexia? 3-4% of young women and girls suffer from Bulimia. A huge 15% of young women and girls have a disordered eating pattern. Statistical studies show that there is no mental illness that is responsible for a higher mortality rate than Eating Disorders. » more

By Jessica Tupa