Movement comes naturally to both males and females. Male dancers and gymnasts are welcome in any DDC&G class! Movement instruction (dance and/or gymnastics) will give boys a chance to hone their skills, build confidence through coordination, gain flexibility and agility, and to have fun! DDC&G offers a few Boys Only classes in gymnastics and in Hip Hop. (As always, any class may be started with a group of 4 or more.) In addition, there is free tuition for male dancers (K-Adult) studying ballet.

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Athletic Teams:

If you dare, DDC&G will send an instructor to work with your team. Instructors will design the classes around your needs; in a single workshop or series, the experience will aid in agility, flexibility, and coordination- good for football, soccer, basketball… any sport where agility, dexterity and fluidity in movement are important!

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