Dance and Gymnastics Class Schedules

At Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics there are many art forms available for study. All classes are divided by age group and by level. Teachers develop the dance curriculum specifically for the age and level of each class thus every student feels comfortable and aptly challenged within their peer group.

The primary dance & gymnastics class schedule is similar to a traditional school year; classes begin early September and continue through the spring. Classes for preschoolers (2 ½ -4 years) are based on a 36 lesson curriculum and students ages 5-Adult follow a 40 lesson curriculum. Each January, a few beginning level classes are added to the calendar to shadow the primary schedule and finish in the spring.

In addition to the core schedule, summer and fall present two shortened programs. Summer offers an 8 week schedule perfect for trying a new art form or continuing your favorite. Also offered in the summer are week-long day camps for preschool and school aged children. (See Summer & Holiday Camps). Each November, DDC&G offers a 6 week introductory schedule.