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A party your child will remember!

Birthday Parties At DDC&G, teachers take care of the planning, set-up and clean-up! You choose dance or gymnastics and the theme your child will love: Princess, Pop Stars, Beach Party, Super Heros…anything your child wants! Teachers will build the party around your child, their theme, the age of your guests and lots of fun activities!

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All Birthday Parties Include

  • Tables/Chairs for guests and gifts
  • Gift Cups for guests
  • Birthday Girl/Boy Gift
  • Set up and Clean up!

Options to “Make-it-Easy”**!

  • Personalized Birthday Cake or Cupcakes by Moonlight Custom Cakes
  • Pastel or Primary Decoration Package (Table Cloths, Paper Products, Juice Box, Decorations)

Gymnastics Parties Include

  • Tumbling & Obstacle Course
  • Trampoline Skills & Games
  • Parachute Games
  • Costumes/Props relating to theme

Dance Parties Include

  • Creative Movement relating to theme
  • Dance Sampler Class (for older students) with Ballet / Jazz / Hip-Hop
  • Parachute Games
  • Costumes/Props relating to theme

Sample Time – Line

Most parties are 90mins. (This may be extended upon request!)

  • 10mins – Greeting Guests & Getting Settled (Parents sign waivers, Students color)
  • 55mins – Themed Instruction
  • 15-20mins – Cake and sing “Happy Birthday”! (Gifts for older students)
  • 10-15mins – Parachute Time and/or one more dance!

Day / Time / Prices

Sundays – 12:00-6:00
Each party is scheduled according to guest, teacher and space availability. Please call in advance to schedule your first choice! * We can accommodate large parties! Please call for special pricing, **Add-on options do not apply to the FVM discount.

90 Minute Themed Party Cost Add-On Decorations/Paper Goods**
6-12 Children $190 $30
13-20 Children (2 Instructors) $275 $40
21+ Children * *

Birthday Party
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