“Moving… in the Best Interest of Children”

Mission Statement: “Moving…in the Best Interest of Children.” We provide the highest quality dance instruction in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our ultimate goal at Dublin Dance Centre & Gymnastics is that our students feel unbelievable great about themselves and their accomplishments, regardless of their skill level.

We do not expect everyone to leave here a professional dancer or an elite gymnast. We support and encourage those who have professional goals in their art-form; however, it is our objective that students take what they learn at DDC&G and apply the self-discipline, physical confidence, and caring instruction toward all aspects of their lives.

We accomplish this goal by maintaining a supportive environment and by filling the classrooms with professionals who, not only have extraordinary experience to share, but whom have a passion to teach, give, and support their students.


Teresa opened Dublin Dance Centre in 1984 inspired by local dancer and teacher Barbara Garrett. Teresa’s daughter and younger sisters had taken class from Barbara for years. When Barbara decided to retire, Teresa questioned where in Columbus Ohio might the girls dance? Many other studio’s had been tried, but no one approached the art form as Barbara Garrett did.

With her family’s support, Teresa decided to open Dublin Dance Centre. Her vision, teaching philosophy, and love for dance, would set her apart from all other studios at the time. Barbara mentored Teresa in the first few years; she taught her how to hire quality instructors and together they developed DDC’s curriculum. Teresa stood strong in her mission and Dublin Dance Centre grew!

Originally, Dublin Dance Center started with two studios in one half of the 3-buliding complex and 3 teachers. Teresa was the marketer, receptionist, and accountant, and Mike (Teresa’s husband) built the floating floors, dressing rooms and helped in the day to day activities. Soon, DDC expanded to 10 studios (one gym) in 3 buildings!

As Teresa’s sisters grew and returned home from college, they became an important part of the business both in and out of the classroom. Christina and Angela remain integral parts of DDC serving as Education and Artistic Directors. Mike continues to assist in daily operations along with Teresa’s daughter Kate. To this day, Teresa still remains true to her original mission!

Some interesting Facts about the Facility:

  • The original office used to be where the main building vending machines currently sit and the first dancewear boutique was the front half of studio 2/3!
  • Studio 2/3 was originally one room, then split into two small rooms, then remodeled back into one room.
  • The studios are numbered in order of completion….Room 4 was finished before 5 as there was a different business in that part of the building. Students used to enter room 4 from the side walk door before room 5 and the office were built.
  • Rooms 6 & 7 were originally in a different building (in the front complex, where the salon currently is). The parking lots used to be connected so it was a little easier.
  • The gym used to be two separate dance rooms with a lobby; this is why it is sometimes referred to as 8/9.
  • Room 10 used to be a preschool, then a gym room before it settled as it is today.
  • Rooms 11 and 12 were completed in 2003, but the Extended Movement room was added in 2010.

Teresa, far right, Opening Day 1984